Monday 20 March 2017
Emile Bustani Auditorium Gallery

The Festival Exhibition

Jad El Khoury

Exhibition runs from 15 February till 20 March

… I look for lines that draw your imagination …

Born in Baabda 1988, Jad El Khoury is an artist and an interior architect who resides and works in Beirut.

Through pen and ink, and a passion for lines and colors, Jad gave birth to “Potato Nose”  an artistic creation of fictitious characters floating freely within a particular composition: they reflects and embodies family, friends and close surrounding, and venturing to the far corners of places and people he witnessed  during his travels, dreams and nightmares.

His latest work was a series of art attacks on war damaged buildings in Beirut, as part of “WAR PEACE” project.

War Peace:
Even after 25 years since the civil warended  in Lebanon, you can still encounter war traces on many buildings. When asked about this he answers: “I didn’t live the brutality of war, but the inescapable chaotic battle traces gives me an idea of the barbarity that took place in my beloved city Beirut. For the older generation who witnessed this barbarism, it is time to move on and heal .At the same time ,these scars  should be probably preserved to serve as a reminder for the young generation about the barbarity and futility of war”

Therefore war peace project intend to highlight the bullet and missiles traces with funny characters that will spread positivity instead of bad memories. It’s time to move on and celebrate life and peace.

Jad’s artwork has been exhibited and profiled in many magazines (National Post Canada – Republica – Designboom…) with much appreciation and admiration. His art pieces took part in major art exhibitions like Beirut Art Fair, Villa Audi, Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery, 21,39 Jeddah , FA Gallery Kuwait and CAP Gallery Kuwait city this coming spring .