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Seeding a tradition


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Tree loving Al Bustan Festival is planting again for the second year running in partnership with S.E.P.T (Save energy plant trees).

The Nature Conservation Center at the American University of Beirut, capsule is donating 500 native species of trees adapted to the natural habitat in Boueirij.
The species donated are Cedrus Libani, Sorbus taurminalis and Sorbus flabilifolia.

On April 27th 2014, pharmacy around 200 + participants volunteered in our first ever tree planting event where volunteers initiated and planted the first trees of “The Al Bustan Festival Forest” in Boueirij.
This year, for sale we will also be planting in Boueirij, but on another beautiful plot of land.
People of all ages will be participating in planting the trees in good weather and glowing sunshine.

Living in the city, it isn’t often that we can give something back to nature, so we try to minimize our negative impact and raise some awareness. Through this event we can actually do something positive for nature which is also an opportunity to spend a relaxing day outdoors with your friends and family and engage in positive, impactful initiative.
Whenever we are planting trees, we are engaging in a metaphor – doing something small & local with the hope that it will become something big and global. We believe many people around the world are doing so and we want to be part of that.

The event details

26th of April in Boueirij, Bekaa.

09:00 Meeting point: Parking lot behind DHL Jal El Dib Highway (Free of charge)
09:30 Buses will depart towards Boueirij.
10:30 Arrival to planting site
10:45 Briefing on planting technique
10:45-13:00 Tree seedlings planting party
13:00 Snacks and refreshments break
14:00 Safe return back

All of the supplies will be ready on site. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, wear close-toed shoes, and bring sunscreen and a hat.

To register your voluntary participation please contact Al Bustan Festival office
Tel.04-972980/1/2 or by e-mail:

For questions please call: Mr. Pierre El-Haddad 03836139

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Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015